My Book

The Ultimate Piano Course has been mindfully crafted by myself based on my knowledge and experience as a Pianist and Teacher. From when I first began teaching Piano, I’ve always felt that existing books I was utilising had elements which either could have been explained more effectively, or the order in which topics are introduced were illogical. I decided to write/compose my book in 2014, completing the first draft in 2015. I’ve trialled the book with many willing beginner students and have since made many alterations as a result. I’m very confident in its effectiveness and success as a means to begin learning how to play the Piano and understanding music.


The physical of the book is bound together by a D-ring metal binder with a hard cover. This gives the freedom to add in extra subsidiary learning material if required. This physical format also sits well on a music stand, and won’t fall apart like most staple-based books do! A hardcopy can be purchased for £8.

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The book can be purchased as an E-Book here.