My Book

The Bitesize Piano Course has been mindfully crafted by myself based on my knowledge and experience as a Pianist and Teacher. From when I first began teaching Piano, I’ve always felt that existing books I was utilising had elements which either could have been explained more effectively, or the order in which topics are introduced were illogical. I decided to write/compose my book in 2014, completing the first draft in 2015. I’ve trialled the book with many willing beginner students and have since made many alterations as a result. I’m very confident in its effectiveness and success as a means to begin learning how to play the Piano and understanding music.















*The Bitesize Piano Course book is temporarily unavailable, as it’s currently being made into an online course format*

“In The Bitesize Piano Course, I’ll be teaching you how to read, understand, analyse and learn songs from music notation using 30 step-by-step Bitesized lessons. From experience of teaching hundreds of people from all ages, abilities and backgrounds, I introduce topics in a logical order using explanations and diagrams I’ve found to be the most effective.

I teach this course exactly how I would teach a new beginner student; slowly and thoroughly. Learning how to read music can seem overwhelming – there’s a lot to know and learn! Let me guide you through this learning journey, and help eliminate feelings of confusion and deflation. You can and will understand piano music notation!

This course will give you a solid foundation of reading piano music in which to build upon. Score analysis, theory and sight-reading tips are always the focus and forefront of the lessons, with technical emphasis and learning great pieces of music along the way, exploring a variety of genres. I’ve made the very first lesson free (which is a little longer than the other lessons), so you can get a good idea of the format, structure and feel for the rest of the course. A PDF of each learning material is included with each and every lesson, should you wish to print out and make notes on a physical copy.”