Price of one-to-one lessons (paid advance monthly):

*First Lesson is free*

£56 per month for a 30 minute lesson per week

£84 per month for a 45 minute lesson per week

£112 per month for a 60 minute lesson per week

The price of lessons is on a pro-rata basis, for the cost of 45 weeks-worth of lessons spread out evenly between 12 months. Thus, there are 7 holiday weeks during the year accounted for in the cost in which there are no lessons, such as Easter, Christmas etc.

(£56 x 12 months = £672 ÷ 45 weeks = <£15 per 30 minute lesson)

Lessons are attended at the same day/time each week.

Piano tuition in Bradford takes place in my home music / teaching room in Denholme.

Lessons are taught on a Baby Grand Yamaha Hybrid Piano, in a relaxed environment.

*Please note that I have two Cats and two Dogs. My friendly Dogs will be out of sight but may be heard.*